Character Designs Dump
Mignon zakuga dty

2D animated Vampire

Mignon zakuga st
Mignon kramp kyndallprofileroshley

Punk Vampire 2014

Mignon z k berzerkeredit

Sassy berzerker 2014

Mignon z k niada profile concept naked
Mignon z k face lonewolf

werewolf / nature guy face

Mignon z k humanconcepts

werewolf / nature guy costume

Mignon z k conceptsv1

scifi apocalyptic lead female and male designs

Mignon z k conceptsmant1

quick sketches scanned in - sharpie

Mignon z k dalruin2

Base colors Paladin Warrior - Color Comp

Mignon z k sketches

start from shapes

Mignon z k werewolf wolf concepts
Character Designs Dump

After high fantasy age, during the beginning of dark fantasy age, things I have done for various projects.

More artwork
Mignon zakuga morning sky2Mignon zakuga covMignon zakuga all3