What is Concept Art?

General / 14 September 2022

I made a video on what Concept Art is. There is a lot of fearmongering and misinformation about "Artist losing jobs", which is very silly. This will also help you if you want to become a concept artists one day. 

Zakuga Art Concept Art Explanation

First post - Drawing Wips

Making Of / 27 March 2020

🕷️(Start on bottom up) I post tutorial on my instagram sometimes too Zakuga Art

4) Maybe even less distracting 

3) Changes to the image, the spider is a difficult focus point in the dark image, so I will change it to be something still dark in nature, but less distracting from the over-all image


2) I like to start with the top of the drawing first and focus on the less important areas later

1) Sketch with some general shapes of the drawing I want it to be

Quick tip for drawing fast with a photo realism ting

Tutorial / 21 January 2020